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Lo Romero Golf



Designer: Jorge Gallén y Eric Soler

It is the field in which you find yourself as a player. "The island of golf" of the Spanish Levante, as its have been called since its inauguration. And it is precisely on the 18th green, practically surrounded by water, where the player still has a greater feeling of depending only on himself, to face the last putt. The feeling of living your personal adventure in a silent, aromatic and beautiful space, isolated from the rest of the world.

That is why Lo Romero Golf is a perfect place to live intensely the passion for golf. The perfect game island of any player. A par 72 route to enjoy long its almost six kilometres from the output of yellows-something less from red-, with the sole company of the rumour produced by the branches of the Mediterranean pines when shaking and the gnawing of the squirrels installed on them.

From one of the 18 holes of the course you can see an extensive blue horizon line drawn by the sea. And it is that the strategic location of Lo Romero, which is based on and old exploitation of pear and apple trees, meets all the requirements: an enviable location, a first level maintenance, a a landscaped environment and a design that allows to get from the field  a good card, as long as the player gives the best of himself.


Lo Romero has a practical cafeteria "Taperia" whose strong point is its splendid terrace overlooking the 18th hole. From this location you can follow the evolution of the last players in the field and get carried away by the beautiful landscaping of the are dotted with a large pine forest.

Sandwiches, hamburgers, mixed dishes, assorted salads, tapas and the typical products of the area are the basics of a letter, which does not lack all kind of drinks and soft drinks. Try the famous homemade tortilla of the day or the select cut of ham and cured cheese, accompanied by Spanish wine.


In Lo Romero you will learn to play. The handicap can be taken in just one week following the instructions of our professional who, with extensive experience in teaching and in the world of golf, teach classes with a friendly and attractive methodology, both for beginners and for those who seek to perfect their swing.

Course for initiates. Daily and weekly classes designed to learn the golf swing in an attractive and fun way. Flexible schedules. Adjusted to the needs of the student. Classes in small or individual groups.

Improvement course. For those who seek to solve a specific problem of their swing or a new vision of it, as for those who want to lose a handicap, Lo Romero offers this type of course more advanced, flexible schedule and numbers of students.

Lo Romero also has individual classes and swing reviews, clinics for companies and organised field trips. Classes and courses are always subject to the needs of the student, being able to perform any of the two activities, individually, collectively or even in family.


Lo Romero takes out of his own field and experiments in other spaces to get this sport to any corner and, above all, to anyone who wants to try the feeling of playing. Because since its inauguration Lo Romero has been attentive to this concern and formulated different external activities. Among them, take golf to the beach. Activity that last year attracted many curious on one of the beaches of Pilar de la Horadada. If you want to know more about this activity do not hesitate to ask us. Is free.

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