Selling properties in sought-after locations like Marbella, Benahavís, or Estepona on the Spanish Costa del Sol is not only a significant financial decision but also a process that requires careful strategy and market knowledge. Here we offer you a detailed guide to ensure your sales experience is as smooth and profitable as possible.

The Importance of Expert Advice

First and foremost, having the support of real estate professionals is not just a recommendation, but a necessity to ensure a seamless process and maximize your profit. A reputable real estate agency, with deep local market knowledge, can be your best ally, offering you an accurate valuation and effective marketing strategies.

Valuation of a Property for Sale

Setting the right price from the start is crucial. An objective valuation, considering both your expectations and the current market conditions, will put you in the best position for a successful sale. Real estate agents play a vital role here, balancing your interests with the desire to close the sale.

Should I Give an Agency Exclusive Rights to Sell My Villa in Marbella?

Granting exclusivity to an agency may seem limiting, but it actually amplifies your chances of sale. This decision ensures the agency’s total commitment to your property, focusing resources on marketing and reaching potential buyers more effectively. It is advised to sign an exclusive sales contract with a chosen real estate agency, despite the common belief that this could restrict sale opportunities. Contrary to this perception, an exclusive contract can broaden access to potential buyers and offer significant advantages over distributing the sale among multiple agencies. The agency is available to provide more information about the benefits of this strategy without obligation.

How to Prepare a Property for Sale, the Importance of Home Staging

When setting a property’s price, it is fundamental to present it in the best possible way, highlighting all its potentialities without creating an unrealistic image. Attention to detail can significantly improve a home’s perception, leveraging every aspect to maximize well-being. For this, high-quality photographs and possibly drone videos will be used, all managed by a real estate agency that operates without charging in advance, ensuring payment from the sale’s success. This approach underscores the importance of professional presentation in the property selling process.

Selection of Potential Buyers

A committed agency will not only promote your property but also filter potential buyers, ensuring that only those seriously interested and with the necessary financial capacity visit your home. This optimizes the sales process, avoiding inconveniences and time losses.

Legal Verification and Preparations for the Sale

To assure potential buyers that everything is in order before acquiring a property, several important steps are taken. A certificate from the Property Registry is obtained, detailing the ownership and any possible charges, such as pending mortgages. It is also verified with the city council that the dwelling complies with urban regulations, possessing the necessary construction license and habitability certificate. In addition, it is ensured that the dwelling is up to date on payments for services, municipal taxes, and community expenses, obtaining the corresponding certificates and invoices. These steps guarantee transparency and security in the purchasing process.

Closing the Sale: Contracts and Notary

Finally, the signing of the earnest money contract and the preparation for the notary signing are decisive steps. The earnest money contract secures the commitment of both parties, while the presence of specialized legal services ensures that the documentation and legal procedures are correct and complete, culminating in the successful transfer of the property.

Selling your villa on the Costa del Sol is a process that, with the right guidance and professional support, can be both profitable and rewarding. If you want more information or are ready to take the first step in selling your property, do not hesitate to contact us. At our real estate agency, we are here to turn your objectives into reality, with professionalism, dedication, and deep knowledge of the Spanish real estate market.