Are you planning your future in Spain and feeling overwhelmed by bureaucratic processes? Look no further, because obtaining your Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) is the first essential step towards your Spanish dream, and we’re here to make the path easier for you.

The NIE is not just a number; it’s the key that opens the doors to a wide range of services and opportunities in Spain. From setting up a bank account to buying property, enrolling in university, or starting your own business, the NIE is indispensable for any professional, academic, and economic activity in this vibrant country.

We know that the paperwork can be confusing: the NIE, the Residence Card, the Foreigner Identification Card (TIE)… Which one do you need? We simplify it for you. The NIE is your identification as a foreigner in Spain, a legal requirement for almost any significant operation that you should not confuse with the others.

You can apply for your NIE either directly in Spain or from your home country through the Spanish Consular Office. You can go in person or through an accredited representative. Make sure all the requirements are in order, from the official EX-15 form to the validation of your passport and justification of your stay in Spain.

Moreover, you must pay the official fee with Form 790, Code 012, and it’s very important to schedule your appointment in advance, ensuring that your experience is as smooth as possible.

At our company, your peace of mind is our priority. Contact us for more information and let us take care of the details. Get ready to live your Spanish adventure with full confidence!