When someone acquires a property, it is inevitable to have to take care of numerous aspects, in addition to having to make many decisions.

Once you have found the ideal home on that real estate portal that you have been looking at for a long time, the process of having to manage another type of things that are implicit to start a new life in another home begins.

Some of the prior actions that you will have to perform before you begin to live in the property, will be to hire internet at home, since today, it is practically impossible to survive more than a day without it being installed in the households, either because it is used a lot, or because every day the telework is more on the order of the day.

What should I consider before getting internet for the new home?

For many people, this process can be costly, because of the “lazyness” that often means looking at what the different companies offer and what is needed on the basis of consumption, this causes most of the time to contract things that are not needed and, therefore, that you are paying more. In this article we will explain step by step what aspects we have to look at before hiring it.

First of all, it is advisable to check the fiber coverage that the area in which the property is located, since it is not yet spread throughout the national territory – although it is in much of it – and it would be unnecessary to contract an optical fiber fee if it does not arrive at our home.

Once this aspect is taken into account, the best option is to use a fiber and mobile comparator, as this will save you a lot of time if you want to look at each of the companies and the hundreds of rates they offer. In this way, in a short time you will know what is best for you to hire in the home.

How long does it take for companies to install the Internet at home?

The reason why you should do this management before moving to a new home, is because this process is not immediate, and the companies usually take a few weeks until this service is operational in that home.

Usually, companies do not usually take long to install the internet, although this does not mean that it is not a process that needs to be managed at least one month in advance, as long as you want to have this operational service from the first day you enter to live in the new home.

All telephone companies – for legal reasons – have the obligation to put in their documents some long deadlines for the installation of the internet, and in them they report that this could last up to 30 calendar days, but the reality is that they do not usually take more than two weeks.

The days that the company will need to install the internet in the home depends – like everything – on several factors, for example, the accessibility with which the new home is available, the availability of the technician who will proceed to install it or the type of connection that will be put (the same means are not used to install a satellite as for optical fiber, for instance).

Therefore, if you have just acquired a home or you have very little to do, and you want to get into it at the same time you get it delivered, we advise you to have these issues under control if you wish to enjoy internet connection on your first day at home. In addition, with the comments in this article, you will be making sure that you have hired what best suits your situation.