Recently a new visa law could definitely reactivate the British and other markets such as American and Canadian as it is something that many clients were looking forward.

And why could this be possible?

The Nomad Visa came into effect on the 22nd December last year which allows no-European citizens work remotely from Spain.

Let me give you two different examples that I am sure can reflect you situation:

  1. 1. British families with good incomes but are now slightly struggling to pay their energy bills and weekly shopping because of the massive increase of prices in the UK however, they have always been dreaming of enjoying the Spanish life by buying a property here.

The Nomad visa will make them better off as they can keep working remotely for their British company or as a freelancer in Spain, receiving their incomes in pounds sterling and with no longer 90/180 day restriction.

We believe that this could definitely help you to make the decision of finally buying your dream home.

  1. 2. British, Canadian, American people with very high incomes who are paying a lot of taxes in their home countries.

The Nomad visa will give them a fantastic tax advantages because for 5 years they will be paying a flat tax rate of 24% for work income up to 600.000€.

And there is much more to talk about.

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